Adultifying our home, one tax return at a time


When we Fickbonnes were but unmarried twenty-somethings living in sin in our first rental house together, we bought a couch. A $250 brown micro-fiber couch from American Furniture Warehouse. You know: the kind of furniture broke twenty-somethings can afford and is meant to be replaced within two years. This couch:


Apologies to the boys (all three of them), but this was the only picture of that crappy couch I could find. Some trivia for dedicated Casa Fickbonne readers (ie. Andrea): that dude on the right is the Honorable Right Revered Chadwick W. Spanglerton III, who officiated our wedding! He has never forgiven me for making him get ordained as a boring old minister instead of a Jedi Knight. I admit I wasn’t thinking clearly.

Anyway, back to the couch situation.

Right on schedule, the old couch started to break apart. It got shmoopier and shmoopier, the seams ripping and the seat sagging. We even held onto it once one of the back support struts broke. We stuffed the seat with extra pillows. We held onto that thing for eight whole years. We Fickbonnes are nothing if not cheap.

Partly this was because I’m indecisive and couldn’t seem to pick the RIGHT couch for the RIGHT price in order to replace this dog-fur-encrusted monstrosity. I had my heart set on a gray linen chesterfield for a while—which would’ve looked great in our living room, but would have suffered the dog’s attentions poorly. Plus, we wanted to make sure we could afford it with “extra money” (read: part of a tax return rather than dipping into other savings).

But this year, dear readers… this year was the year.

Behold! The new living room couch of Casa Fickbonne!


Try to contain your excitement. We got it from Article on sale for a super reasonable price considering it’s real leather and hardwood. Being leather, it won’t collect dog fur like our last couch. And any scratches from eager dog paws can be easily oiled out of the leather. Though we’re still keeping a protective blanket on it because said dog cannot be trusted. The blanket is machine washable cotton (I narrowly avoided buying a nice wool blanket before coming to my senses) and gets removed from the couch when guests are visiting.


It fits the room SO much better than the previous couchbomination. The lower back opens up the space between dining room and living room, and it overall feels less obtrusive. Plus it fit through the doorway super easy (not that I’m moving it ever because moving sucks so I INTEND TO DIE IN THIS HOUSE).

I haven’t decided if I’m going to make new throw pillows for it or if I like how my little envelope pillows look. Advice in the comments, please.

Also please note the lovely new blue rug beneath the new couch. This is what you buy when you realize you accidentally got a couch the same color as your floor. Oops! Considering it was marked down from $800 to $149 on when we bought it, I figured it was worth it to correct our decorating faux pas.


Come on over and have a seat!


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