A year later, the hail insurance chapter of our lives closes


It’s now time to unveil the most stunning of the repairs we made since Hailmageddon 2017, nearly a year ago. I’m speaking, of course, of the house paint.

After the hail damage, our house was in bad shape. Windows smashed, roof pocked, gutters mangled, paint chipped and flaking. And my garden! My poor innocent garden! Nothing was spared. The silver lining was, of course, our home insurance policy. This was the key that opened up a whole new world of home improvement to us. We got to move lightyears ahead of our plans for remodeling. And while it wasn’t free of headaches and tribulations, I think we came out ahead after the whole insurance situation.

I was of course most excited to paint the house. The pale mint green it was when we moved in… well, I just wasn’t feeling it. We needed something bolder, more colorful.

We chose a couple of swatches, which I’ll share for you for the sake of comparison and your unwanted opinions. (Hunt Club is the bottom left.)


Then we hired a friend’s painting company and set them loose! Boulder Brush did a phenomenal job, and all the painters were super friendly, polite, and kept me in the loop through every step of the process. I’d hire Vahe, Genaro, and the crew for another project without hesitation. I’ve already recommended them to other friends, but consider this my ringing endorsement for all the Interwebz to see! The results are magical.




The Casa Fickbonne, as we first saw it.



As my nephew would say: “Tada!!!”

With the help of our insurance settlement after the hail storm, we replaced the roof (it was only seven years old, but still nice to reset that clock), the gutters (which looked fine to me but for a few dents, but now I’m super glad they were replaced because they look SO much better), a buncha windows, and the house paint.

For the paint we went with Sherwin Williams color Hunt Club for the main part of the house and SW Creamy for the trim. Just look at it! Isn’t it beauteous?

Every other house in our neighborhood that got painted after the storm was painted this lovely navy blue color, which we like a lot… but it’s against our nature to do what all the cool kids are doing. Our house motto is practically “Don’t tell me what to do! You’re not my mom!” So dark green it was.

The real miracle is how the garage looks like a whole new building.






You can’t quite tell from the “before” picture, but the trim on the garage was originally painted by someone who never learned how to color within the lines as a child. Quite tragic. Now it’s in a lot better shape—good enough that I can justify replacing that covered window and maybe adding some window boxes.

I get so happy looking at the back of the house now. Where once were chipped paint and smashed windows…


… now, we have glorious tempered glass and a fresh coat of high quality paint.


It actually looks like responsible homeowners live here now. Which hey! I suppose we are!

Tune in next time for the annual spring planting of the Bill J. Dunn Memorial Garden.


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