Sweet summer relief


Friends, Romans, countrymen… it is with great satisfaction that I announce the best money we have ever spent. For we are now the proud inhabitants of a house containing an attic fan.

Yes that’s right! After two summers of sweltering in this plaster-and-lathe oven, we finally bit the bullet and bought ourselves a whole-house fan cooling system. Behold:

(That giant fan vent is in the ceiling of our back hallway, in case that wasn’t obvious.)

It is neither a swamp cooler (more expensive) nor an air conditioning system (waaaaaay more expensive). It’s a giant fan that sits in our attic, connected to the outside through three round vents in our roof. It works by sucking cold air in from the outside through the house’s open windows and pushing hot air out through the attic. As soon as the sun sets, we open all the windows, turn this baby on, and let it run through the night. In the morning we turn the fan off, close the windows, and the house stays nice and cool throughout the day. Rinse and repeat daily.

Living in a desert as we do, this is an extremely efficient way to cool the house. Even on abysmally hot, 100 degree days during the summer, the temperatures drop dramatically at night in this climate. So if we can capture that cool, desert night air, we’re just using our natural habitat to our advantage. And it’s more energy efficient than a giant air conditioner! So I call this an environmental win.

As I write this, I’m sitting very comfortably indoors in jeans even though it’s almost 80 degrees outside. Wild, right? Like I said: best money we ever spent. The fan itself is much quieter than I expected, certainly more quiet than our window AC unit.

Thanks to the team at Colorado Home Cooling for making our summer bearable! They even gave us a discount for paying in cash. CHA-CHING.


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