Hailmageddon, 2017


I’ve always wanted to take advantage of my homeowner’s insurance! And two weeks ago I got to do just that. What a time to be alive!

While we were at work, the skies turned black and the wind picked up. Mr. Fickbonne called me to make sure the sun shades were up on the garden, because it looked like it was going to hail and we didn’t want our delicate plants to get pummeled. As if mere sun shades would be enough to protect anything from what was coming. How naïve we were! How innocent!

Instead of a normal hail storm, we got baseball-sized rocks of ice hurtling from the skies. Not only did they rip the sun shades from their hoops and completely demolish the garden, but they damaged the house and Ben’s car.


Every car in the parking lot at Ben’s office lost its windshield. After the insurance people were done with us, we learned that Ben’s Jeep was totaled. The poor thing looked like it had pock marks over every body panel. It lost the tail lights, the mirrors, the windshield. Sections of the tail gate were completely smashed through! All of which turned out to be good news: we’ve been saving up to get rid of that stupid lemon of a vehicle for awhile now, and the insurance claim just sped up the process.


Fortunately, I was at my office in Boulder, where it only rained. So my car was safe. I think I would’ve cried if my little Volkswagen was hurt. It’s too good of a car for me. I don’t deserve you, Greta!

The house is another matter. The hail came straight out of the west, so we lost both windows on that side of the house, the siding and trim were dented and stripped of paint, and the roof needs to be replaced. Oh yeah, and our poor tumbledown shack of a garage suffered a similar fate. Behold, the aftermath:

Then of course there’s the garden…


And what used to be our maple trees…



And insult to injury, even my watering can got smashed…

18341935_10100821305988141_1148633185482758351_nAll of which is to say: we’ll be dealing with the insurance company and contracts for awhile. I’m trying to look on the bright side. After all, now we get a brand new roof and we don’t have to pay for it! And while the insurance negotiations are not done yet, I’m hoping it also means a new paint job for the house, which was part of our ten-year plan anyway. And don’t get me started on that bathroom window. We’ve wanted to smash that thing since we moved in. We even got new sheets out of the deal, as the bedroom window shattered into glass dust all over the bed.

In the calm after the storm, our neighbors have really pulled together. Some of them fared much worse than we did, and it warms the cockles of my heart—whatever the hell those are—to have everyone meeting in the street to check on each other.


We’re lucky enough to have a garage full of boards, plastic sheeting, and tools and the know-how to use them. But after boarding up our own windows we went next door to our neighbor’s house and did the same for him. And the moral of this Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood story is that when disaster strikes, it’s really nice to be able to depend on the people around you.

Stay tuned throughout the summer for updates on the repairs! At least I’ll get plenty of blog posts out of this mess…


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