The bedroom continues to adultify


Now that we have a gorgeous hand-crafted king-size bed, it’s time to scrap our old free/yard sale mismatched nightstands and make some that perfectly match the bed. It’s almost not worth doing a before and after, but honor demands, so…

Fugly, right? On their own they’re not terrible, they just don’t match the space nor the bed at all. The smaller of the two was my bedroom nightstand growing up and has gotten a little battered after multiple moves. The other was a yard sale purchase, like… 8 years ago… that was mostly used by our old roommate Catey… and has definitely seen better days.

My plan is to fix them both up and sell them to partially fund the new nightstands. Which oh by the way look like this:


Right? RIGHT? A massive improvement.

The nightstands are of Mr. Fickbonne’s design. He decided there was too much wood in the bedroom (he ain’t wrong) and he always wanted to work with metal, so here we are. Total supplies:

The longest part of the process was waiting for the stain to dry so we could assemble the nightstands. The hardest part (in my humble opinion) was removing the price tag goop and the grease from the pipes. I tried nail polish remover at first, which was just as frustrating and futile as you imagine. And then I remembered we had paint thinner and suddenly that step was done in roughly two and a half minutes.

We started with one and waited a few weeks to make the second (by then Ben had the technique down and built it on his own). Look how pretty and adultified our bedroom is looking!


(New lamps to replace the ones I bought sophomore year of college. Yeah I’m thrifty.)


In other news, the garden continues to flourish despite the sun’s best efforts to burn it down. We’ve had several 90-100 degree days, and it’s everything I can do to keep the plants hydrated and shaded. Our cherry tree and one of the maples look really… crispy. But thanks to our wildly efficient and water-saving rain barrel, I think they’re going to make it.

I took those photos a few weeks ago when we built the first nightstand, and the plants are even bigger now. We’ve already harvested radishes, lettuce, and spinach. All of the tomato plants have tomatoes, and the corn has just gotten too tall for its sun shade. The only thing that’s not taking off as expected are the new veggies: onions, scallions, turnips, and the herbs I planted from seeds rather than starters. I’m going to chock this one up to lack of experience for now and keep trying!

*Yes, I giggled over this for way too long because despite my best efforts, I still have the sense of humor of a thirteen-year-old boy.