I got tired of looking at an ugly thing so I made it pretty


Sometimes you just need to find a free, easy project for a Saturday afternoon, y’know?

Oh. You don’t know. Well then never mind! Guess it’s just me.

A few years and a few moves ago some friends gifted us an old wooden kitchen bar cart that they didn’t have room for anymore. It’s been very useful over the years (and the moves), but it’s, uh… kind of ugly. Here’s the piece of furniture in question:


Pot rack, knife rack, bar cart, accent wall… no big deal!

Yes, it’s that thing sitting under our gorgeous hanging pot rack and next to our gorgeous butcher block in front of our gorgeous kitchen accent wall. It’s certainly very useful–the wine rack in particular! But it doesn’t quite fit the space and it’s more of a temporary solution until we can remodel the kitchen to add more counter space that wraps around that corner. (Surprise, honey! I’ve decided we’re doing major construction in the kitchen some time in the future!) Plus it was pretty banged up from all the moves, see?


Since a kitchen remodel isn’t happening any time soon (it’s pretty far down the list under things like finishing the basement, landscaping the front yard, growing old together, and dying) we’re stuck with an ugly bar cart. Sure, I could go buy a newer, prettier bar cart. But where’s the fun in that?

So today I raided the Garage of Wonders for everything I’d need to prettify this fugly bar cart. I found everything I needed leftover from other projects. Armed with an orbital sander, a ratchet set, a phillips-head screwdriver, some Behr paint in Frost white leftover from painting the trim, some Minwax wood stain in Jacobean I used to make the bottle opener, and various and sundry rags, brushes, and painter’s tape, I set about giving this baby a new life.

Here is the result:


Right?! So much better. Honestly, the hardest part was getting it outside because of our weirdly cramped back stairwell. The orbital sander vastly improved the surface of the wood, but it still looks nicely old-timey and vintage. Using normal latex interior house paint wasn’t the ideal choice for painting wooden furniture, but I literally didn’t want to spend a cent fixing this free piece of furniture so I used what I had. If I ever decide to paint something I care about, I’ll choose my paint more carefully. And tightening up all the nuts and bolts holding this thing together made it stop creaking, so I call that a win!


Not bad for an afternoon of work on a budget of $0.



6 thoughts on “I got tired of looking at an ugly thing so I made it pretty

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