A place to lay my head, at long last


Being the bohemian millennials that we are, Mr. Fickbonne and I have never actually owned a “bed,” per se. Ever since we’ve lived together, we’ve always just slept on a queen size mattress and box springs on the bare floor. And that particular mattress was off-brand and purchased during college and probably a little the worse for wear after, oh…. thirty-seven moves or so. Plus that time our dog peed on it. Three times. Yeah.

But as dedicated Casa Fickbonne readers (hi mom and dad!) will know, we recently used our tax return to buy ourselves a king size mattress and box springs! Glory be halleluja, we can sleep like normal adult people instead of like puppies in a pile (on account of my heat-seeking tendencies… not Mr. Fickbonne’s enormous size).

The king size mattress sat on the floor for several weeks because old habits die hard. But then I left town for a conference in Orlando (#happiestplaceonearth #mousetatorship #killme). And when I returned…


While I was off breakfasting with giant cartoon dogs and listening to the song from “Frozen” on repeat in every public place I entered, Ben and Craig (of bathroom wainscoting fame) were busily building a king size bed frame and headboard. And I came home to this gorgeous work of art in my very own bedroom! Look at it!


The pictures don’t do it justice. This thing is sturdy af. I’m fairly certain it could withstand a nuclear explosion if it came to that. It’s a platform bed, since naturally we couldn’t have a footboard. Not only can Ben not fit in a bed with a footboard, but I don’t think he’d even be comfortable sleeping without his feet hanging off the mattress at this point. The headboard is mounted directly on the wall and looks very nice under our little bedroom windows.

And best of all? My husband was smart enough to measure the Roomba before building the bed so it is exactly high enough that the Roomba can move freely underneath it SO I NEVER HAVE TO MOVE THIS THING FOR CLEANING PURPOSES! 

I married me a smart man.

We got the plans from the exceedingly brilliant Ana White. If you haven’t checked out her carpentry blog yet, you’re wasting your life. She has project plans for every possible skill level, and they’re simple and easy to follow. Oh yes, and they result in gorgeous beds like ours!

Just look at that craftsmanship:


Ben distressed the wood before staining it. And by “distressed” I mean “beat the ever loving bejeezus out of it with a sack of nails” to give it that rustic, old-timey look. Then he used Minwax stain Dark Roast to stain the boards. He rubbed water into some of the boards before applying the stain so that they’d be slightly lighter than the boards that only got stain. The theory there is that wood can only absorb so much liquid, so if you rub water into a board it won’t be able to absorb as much of the stain. The result was faux-aged boards of varying shades of the same gorgeous dark stain. You can really see the differences in this shot of the headboard, pre-installation:


Ahem. Pay no attention to the cluttered garage workshop surrounding the beautiful headboard. Also pay no attention to the fact that the top board pictured above is missing from the pictures post-installation. This is because of a minor miscalculation wherein we tried to hang the headboard from this top piece and it popped right off, nails and all. After that we realized hanging a headboard by its least sturdy piece was a terrible idea. But we still haven’t gotten around to nail-gunning the thing back on and I got impatient to write this blog post so HERE WE ARE, WORLD.

Because platform beds make box springs obsolete, we got to return the box springs to the store for a refund. That refund covered about half the cost of building the bed, which was about one fifth the cost of every king size bed frame we’d seem in stores. Moral of this story being: if you have the carpentry know-how to build your own bed, it is significantly cheaper than buying one.


Next up: matching nightstands and wall sconces! Our bedroom’s going to look pretty sweet by the time we’re done with it.


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