What we did with our tax return


The best part of being married is that I get to spend the rest of my life in partnership with the person I love, trust, and care for most deeply in all the world.

Just kidding. The best part of being married is, of course, filing our taxes jointly! (What? You didn’t think Mrs. Fickbonne was actually going soft, did you?)

Filing jointly as a married couple when you own a house makes marriage even better. Seriously, we got to feel like real adults this year. It took a full twenty minutes to file our taxes. Wild, right? And the result was a nice hefty tax return.

Normally we save that money in the Finish the Basement Fund. But this year we decided to get a little wild. So prepare yourselves, dear readers, because we used part of our tax return to… buy a new mattress.

I know! I know! Put your head between your knees until the dizziness passes. I myself was shocked at our audacity, our sense of adventure. But it’s true. After spending the last decade sleeping on the discount queen-size mattress Mr. Fickbonne bought in college, we finally buckled down and bought our first ever king-size mattress. And it is glorious.


As our detractors are quick to note, we still don’t own an actual bed. So yes, our brand new mattress and box springs sit directly on the floor just like the old crappy mattress did. And while this is the biggest bedroom we’ve ever had, it’s still a little bit of a squeeze for a king-size bed.

So we’re building a bed! Well, Mr. Fickbonne is building a bed. I’m going to assist. It’s going to have to be a simple platform with no footboard, since certain people are monstrously tall and wouldn’t be able to fit in the bed otherwise. But we’ve found plans for a bed that includes reading lights and built-in night stands, which is important because my current night stand is now wedged firmly between the bed and the wall. So that’s something you have to look forward to this summer.

We used more of that sweet tax return money to fund the new garden beds, one of which Mr. Fickbonne whipped together (with Strider’s expert assistance) last weekend. I can’t wait to level this baby out and fill it with the compost I’ve been making all winter long.


As summer approaches, I’m getting the home improvement itch. So besides the bed and the garden, expect lots of little carpentry projects filling these pages as the weather gets warm!