The world’s first remote-controlled garbage disposal!


Remember back when Jamie the wonder-electrician installed an outlet under the sink in the kitchen so we could plug in the dishwasher and garbage disposal? At that time we all sort of stood around scratching our heads because while we had the outlet we needed to power both machines, we didn’t have a switch to turn the garbage disposal on and off. So if the garbage disposal was plugged in, it was running. It would take a significant amount of work on Jamie’s part to make the outlet switch-operated, let alone only make one half of the outlet switch-operated. And since we pay Jamie in beer, we didn’t feel right asking that of him.

So we had to get creative.

We could plug a switch-operated power strip into the outlet, and then plug the garbage disposal into that power strip. But that would involve going under the sink to flip the switch on the power strip every time we needed to garbage-dispose something. Plus I’m pretty sure having a power strip near a kitchen sink is a recipe for electrocution.

Then Ben had a brilliant idea: A REMOTE-CONTROLLED GARBAGE DISPOSAL.

For only about $25 we bought a three-pack of these doohickeys, called wireless remote controlled outlet light switch plugs. Here’s how it works: you plug it into the outlet, plug the garbage disposal into the switch plug, and then turn it on and off with a little remote control that we keep on the window sill next to the sink.

It's a widdle remote!

It’s a widdle remote!

Fits right into the outlet.

Fits right into the outlet.

No complicated electrical work, no risky extension cord, no poking around under the sink every time we need to use the disposal. Just a handy little remote! So far it works brilliantly, and the remote is tiny and unobtrusive.

I married me a smart man.


4 thoughts on “The world’s first remote-controlled garbage disposal!

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  2. I did this but the wireless remote turns it on but will not turn it off? Why is that? Current outlet is wired to another outlet further down the line?

    I installed a .33 HP (1/3 hp) garbage disposal in my basement kitchenette and have an existing wall receptacle to plug it into. I’m trying to use a wireless remote light switch to turn it on and off as I don’t want to wire in an on/off switch. When I plug in the wireless into the wall receptacle and hit the “on” button on the wireless it turns on the disposal but it will not turn it off. I’m thinking I need to re-wire the receptacle to have on “plug” be hot and the other be dedicated to the wireless plug-in…what do you think?


    • Is there an “off” button on the remote control too, and it’s just not working? Or is there simply NO “off” button on the remote? Our remote has three channels (which you can set to three different appliances), and each channel has both an on and an off button, both of which work. I’m no expert in electrical issues by any means, but my guess is it’s the model of remote control and wall plug you’re using, not an electrical issue. Good luck!


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